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The History of Middle and Long Distance Running

Racing Past Bob Phillips

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Athletics in 1917
Bob Phillips

Athletics in 1917: “You can’t out-run a bullet.”.A century ago in war-time: how athletics survived and a Swedish runner prospered     John Zander: 1500 world record “Don’t you know, there’s a war on ?” It would be na...

Early marathon running - the British and Irish influence

Los Angeles and Paris will bid on 13 September to stage the 2024 Olympics. The first Games that were held in Paris, in 1900, were prolonged and often chaotic – in particular, the marathon, which was to be highly influenced in its formative years by British & Irish involvement.   Pand...

Early Attempts at the Four-Minute Mile

184 years of talking – Parrot fashion –  about someone running a four-minute mile by Bob Phillips   Jack Lovelock: Did he run 3:52.2? When I was researching a book I wrote to mark the 50th anniversary in 2004 of the first sub-four-minute mile I became intr...

Why Is the Marathon 26 Miles, 385 Yards Long?

We all know that the marathon is 26 miles 385 yards. But why? Whose idea was it? by Bob Phillips     Pheidippides didn’t do it. Or if he did, the Ancient Greek press corps were a bit slow on the uptake, and there could only have been a blithe disregard for any s...